Rimmel London lipstick review

Hi everyone!
So a little while back I was at the Rimmel London event in Amsterdam. I wrote a blogpost about it (Rimmel London Event) and I also got a lovely goodiebag with there new products. Two of the products that they launced then are the lipsticks that I am reviewing in this blogpost.

So if you are curious about these two lipsticks, keep on reading!

So this is the first lipstick which is called "Moisture Renew" in the shade "140 Rose Records". As the name says, it's a moisturizing lipstick. I personally love this. 
The color of the lipstick is pink but a pink that you can easily wear every day.

In the pictures below you can see how the lipstick looks on my lips. As you can see the lipstick has a little bit of shine in it but it doesn't stick like a lipgloss. 

The lipstick stays on for at least four hours. I did noticed that when drinking or eating the color can fade a bit away on the inside of your lips if you know what I mean haha. But overall I am very satisfied with this lipstick!

On to the next!

So this next lipstick is called "Rouge á Lévres" in the shade "210 Mauvement".
The color of this lipstick is a true nude shade which I think every nude lipstick lover will like.

In the picture below you can see how the lipstick looks on my lips. Again this lipstick also has a little shine in it. This lipstick stays on a little longer, I would say half a day. I think that has to do with the structure because this lipstick isn't as moisturizing as the previous one the lipstick stays on a little longer.

Below you can see the names of the lipsticks.

Overall I am very happy with these two lipsticks. The Rouge Á Lévres in 210 I would wear everyday because I personally love nude lipsticks. But if you are a pink lipstick lover I would totally recomend the Moisture Renew in 140!

Have you tried any of the Rimmel London lipsticks?

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