Creating my own business card with Studentendrukwerk!

I have been blogging for around 4/5 years now and I never really thought about getting myself business cards until now. A company called Studentendrukwerk send me an email if I wanted to collab with them. When I saw what items they print I immediately saw a few things that could come in handy for my blog, so I said YES very quickly.

When they asked me to design my business card it came just at the right time. The week they asked me I was also joining a week-long contest called "the week of doing business" where I would meet a lot of fellow students, starting entrepreneurs and companies. This was a perfect moment for me to design my own business card, so I did.

With their online editor, you can easily design your own business card or use one of their templates. Because of their easy system, it can be done by (almost) everyone. You can also make your own design in programs like Indesign and deliver it to them via pdf.

The business cards are 8,5 x 5,5 cm and you can print them either in portrait or landscape. You can also choose between the following things:
  • Glossy or matte paper
  • Single sided full color (4/0) or double sided full color (4/4) paper
  • Softcover or hardcover
Overall I am very with how my business card turned out. The first delivery went wrong because I got around 30 cards when I should've had 200. They fixed this very quick and in the end, I got to keep the cards I already had + the 200 cards that they send later on.

I have handed out my card to quite a few people now such as the companies I visited when I joined the contest I and I have had lots of great reactions, everyone likes the design and colors, as do I. 

You can order your own business card at if you'd like. They also have a lot of other products that could be handy such as stickers, flyers, and photos. And also very handy for the students, you can print your thesis and other school items at

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