Review Blux Box May

Last week I received my very first Blux box from the month May. I was so excited to see what products I would receive! Could I truely use them? Would they actually be worth the money? Keep on reading to find out!

 The value of this box is over €100,00! Also 4 of the 5 products are full size, so I would say that this is a perfect way to spend your money ๐Ÿ˜‰

 So these are the products that where in this editions May box. 

The EMK Beverly Hills Radical eyecream (€78,00). This eyecream works hydrating and makes the skin under your eyes firmer and fuller. 
The Starlooks Perfect Primer (€11,00) a good primer that you can't miss in your daily routine! This is a travel size which makes is perfect to carry in your handbag.
The Hairways Professional Volume Shampoo (€10,50), this shampoo has a UV protection and is free of parabens and perfume. 
The Merci Handy Cleansing Gel (€2,95). This products has a lovely vanille scent and is easy to carry on because of its pocket size!

Then last but not least, the product which I am super excited to try out.... The Siligel Blender (€7,00). This silicon blender from the brand STYlONDON is a product that I wanted to test for so long. They claim to apply your foundation/highlighter/concealer perfectly and that the endresult is spotless!

Overall I am very happy with the products in this Blux Box. The box only costs €14,95 and as you can see the total value is worth a lot more!

What do you think about the products in this box? Would you try this monthly beauty box yourself?

3 opmerkingen

  1. This box looks so good ! I'd love to try the blender Xx

    1. I am very excited to try the blender too. I have read so many things about it! Xx

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