Why I love Korean fashion & Korean fashion guide for you!

Why I love Korean fashion
Lately I am obsessed with Korean Fashion. It all happened because I started watching Korean drama series (k-drama). Somehow the series got me hooked to everything Korean. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food of course. I have always been interested in everything foreign, Asian countries, Amerika, Scandinavian countries and many more. Korea fascinates me because of it’s style and it’s uniqueness. So if you are like me also interested in Korean Fashion then read on to discover the style and tips!

Fashion guide
Korean fashion
Basic but yet not basic. I feel like the Koreans have mastered some secret skills in styling. They can easily combine two different prints or make a very basic outfit look amazing! If you look at Korean fashion you will notice that it consists of a range of different styles. You can see them wear anything from a skirt with an oversized jumper to a mom jeans with a crop top or a complete matching outfit, they would combine items that some of us never thought of. Despite that, each outfit gives off the same vibe.
I feel like in Korean fashion you have two styles, the basic classy style and the more daring and colorful style. In each of these styles you will see them wearing unique accessories, bold colors and different patterns. Personally I love that they are so unique in their clothing, it’s different from a lot of other styles you see.

If you look at Korean fashion you will notice that in almost every outfit they wear is an oversized item. They will pair it with everything. Like I said you can combine an oversized sweater with a skirt or an oversized blouse with a tight jeans but you can also go completely oversized by combining only oversized items. If you are in to Korean fashion this is a great style to start with, it’s easy to get this look and can still be in your comfort zone.

Skirts are items that you will see A LOT in Korean fashion. I personally don’t wear skirts that often, only around summer time and when I’m on vacay. The weather in the Netherlands is not really skirt proof and I sometimes find it hard to style skirts in other seasons than summer.
If you are into skirts then this is perfect for you! The Koreans mostly wear mid-length skirts, but if you feel more comfortable with a longer skirt that is also fine. Lately when I look up Korean outfits on for example Pinterest I see that they wear skirts now that have a checkered print. Something that is also a trend in the Netherlands right now.

Bold colors & basic colors
Lately I have seen a trend on Instagram that mostly fashion bloggers/influencers are wearing outfits with one accent color, like a complete pink suit for example. Back in the days a lot of people thought that suits are for work only. Well I really like this trend and I think it is great the break out of the standard thinking! The Koreans also think like this, they like outfits that are for example completely blue or yellow toned. Sometimes they wear a yellow toned outfit but with different shades of yellow but it still looks matching.
I really like this style and you can also create this look within your comfort zone. This style is something that I want to try out for myself and will slowly add to my own closet.
Btw, I know I gave examples with bolder colors like yellow and blue but you (and the Koreans) can also create these looks with more basic colors.

Accessories are things that you see a lot in Korean fashion. They can take your whole outfit to another level. Earrings, glasses and hair-accessories are items that you will see the most. Lately there has been a trend around pearl accessories for example earrings with pearls or hairclips with pearls. I really like this trend and recently ordered these items myself. You can buy them at a lot of shops lately like Zara, Primark or your local fashion stores (I hope), but if your like me (a student that isn’t rich) you can also order these items at AliExpress for A LOT less. I ordered a 2 piece set with pearl hairclips for €1,12, a pearl bracelet for €1,11 and some order items. Every time I receive an item or when I have received all the items I will show it in my Instagram story (@amberkorf if you don’t follow me yet).

The Koreans are very daring with their patterns. They are not afraid to match patterns and most of the time they succeed in matching! You will see patterns from checkered clothing like I have mentions before, striped clothing or any other pattern you can imagine. They also use this to match with for example their boy/girlfriend, brother/sister or best friends. We know the typical couple shirts but the Koreans take it to another level, they go for complete matching looks and I love it!

Street style twinsies. Photos: Emily Malan/Fashionista

That is all I have for this article about Korean fashion. Remember to stay true to yourself, it’s good to try things that are out of your comfort zone but if you really don’t feel comfortable don’t do it! I really liked writing this article and I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe got some inspiration out of it! Korean fashion is very unique but also similar to a lot of things we already know.
I’m thinking about making a serie about this. Maybe articles about Korean lifestyle, food, drama series and more about fashion. So if you liked this article please let me know. You can always leave a comment behind, send me an email or connect through social media (@amberkorf).

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