Review philosophy amazing grace dry shampoo

Today I'm reviewing the dry shampoo "amazing grace" by the brand "philosophy". Amazing grace has been one of my favorite perfumes for a while now. So when they launched a dry shampoo that has the same scent I couldn't wait to try it!

So as I am going to school from monday till friday andI have a job, I also work on my blog and have to keep a social life haha, I don't always have time to give my hair that perfect volume look when it's a little greasy.

The amazing grace dry shampoo has a lovely scent of lillies from the valley, bergamot & musk. I especially smell the bergamot and the lillies. Together they bring a perfect fresh scent. 

There are a few things I really love about this product that makes it worth it's money in my opinion. The first thing is obviously it's lovely fresh scent. The second thing I LOVE about this dry shampoo is that it doesn't leave a white/grey haze behind!
I tested a lot of dry shampoo's but I never came a cross a dry shampoo that doesn't leave a haze until now!

I am very happy with this dry shampoo. I can imagine that € 22,22 is a lot of money for a dry shampoo. I wouldn't spend it myself either but this product really suprised me.
The scent that the "amazing grace" dry shampoo has is truelly amazing, it's also a very refreshing spray and it gives your hair volume? It's like a two in one package!
I also like the small text they wrote on the package. Because the package is very simple and clean the text gives a little touch up.

So I would definitly recommend this product. In my opinion you don't even have to use it as a dry shampoo when you have greasy hair. You can also use it to give your hair volume and make it smell really nice!

You can find this product and all the other philosophy products at the ICI Paris XL shop and online.

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