Trip to London!

November this year I visited London with school. It's a trip I had to make for school to learn more about the work environment in a different country. Because of my interest in doing my internship abroad I was interested in seeing the difference.

Day one

At 4.45 AM we traveled with a bus to Schiphol Amsterdam. Once we arrived we went to the check in and waited for our flight that left at 9.30 AM.

Once we arrived in London we went to our hostel with a bus. Our hostel was in a neighborhood called "Elephant & Castle". We couldn't check in right away so way left our luggage at the hostel and went to a company called "VIM" were we interviewed a woman who worked there as a office manager. After the interview we went back to the hostel to unpack our luggage and settle in our rooms. Around 6 pm we went for dinner at a restaurant called "Prezzo" were I ate a pizza 🍕. 

Quick picture Ilse took of me while risking her life 🤭 😂 

Day two
On our second day we had breakfast at the hostel and after that we went to see the British museum and Camden Market. Personally I thought the British Museum was very interesting to see. There was a lot to read and see about the history of different cultures.

After we visited the British Museum we went to Camden Market. It's a market where they have loads of different foods/drinks and little shops. Cherelle and I were craving waffels but unfortunately we couldn't find them at the market. On our way back we saw a waffle shop where we bought some delicious waffels. 

Later that night we had some free time at Oxfordstreet so everyone could go shopping. After we did some shopping we had dinner at Honipoke where I ate a teriyaki chicken bowl. 

After dinner we went to "Winter Wonderland" but unfortunately it was raining it wasn't much fun. After that everyone was pretty tired so we went back to our hostel.

Day three
Day three was our last day. We went to Buckingham Palace to see the guards change. After that we had lunch and went back to our hostel to check out. 

Around 2 PM we took a bus to our airport, unfortunately there where some issues with the bus so not everyone could get to the airport right away. Luckily everyone was on time for the flight and we arrived back in Holland around 8.30 PM.

Overall I had a great time with everyone, we laughed a lot and I also learned a lot about the differences between the work environment here and in England, London.

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