Fotofabriek canvas review

A few weeks back I received a message if I wanted to design a canvas at, I emmediately said yes because I've always wanted to design a canvas so this was the perfect opportunity! At they have a lot of options to capture your perfect image.

The canvas that I created with a picture of my cat Bailey. It took me a while to choose which picture I wanted to print on canvas because I originally wanted to go for a picture of me and my boyfriend in London. But unfortunately we didn't got an opportunity when we where in London to take a picture of us together that was good quality. So.... I choose to print out a picture of my cat instead. I am very happy with the results. The canvas is of good quality, especially for the price! It was also very easy to order the canvas, the program that uses is easy to work with, which makes ordering your canvas so much nicer! The delivery was also very fast. I ordered my canvas on a sunday night and I received it on tuesday!

Overall I am very happy with my canvas and I would totally order something again at They deliver good quality, have very affordable products and they are also very easy to work with.

Do you want to order your own canvas for just € 14,99 ? This link will take you directly to their website to order a canvas

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