Review of the New Nintendo 2DS XL & Miitopia

This summer I received the New Nintendo 2DS XL and the game Miitopia. When I received their message if I wanted to do a collab with them I was so excited. I would never expect that such a big brand as Nintendo would like to collab with me... So when they asked I emmediately said yes!

The New Nintendo 2DS XL and the Miitopia game launched on the 28 of July 2017 (my birthday actually, such a coincidence). The Nintendo 2DS XL is a family member of the Nintendo 3DS. The new system is foldable and you can play all the 3DS games in 2DS. The Nintendo has a big 4,88 inch screen and only weights 260 gram! Because it's such a light weight Nintendo you can easily walk around playing on your Nintendo. The 2DS XL is available in two different colors, black + turquoise and white + orange.

On to the Miitopia game. With this game you can go on adventures with you own created Mii-personage and your own created Mii friends! You can let them play the role of a cook, a king, warrior or princess and many more other roles. There are so many options! You can give all the personages that you create a unique personal skill which makes them who they are. With all your Mii friends you can fight against the Dark Lord and restore all the stolen faces of the Miitopia citizens! Everytime you fight together against the Dark Lord your Mii-personages get stronger and you become closer.


I love the Nintendo 2DS XL! I think it's a very smart move to create a new device where you can play 3DS games on and play it in 2DS. Not everyone likes to play games in 3DS so if your one of those people I would definitely suggest trying out the Nintendo 2DS XL! 
In my opinion they did a very good job by making the Nintendo of such light weight. That way it's easy to carry it around with you and play with others.

I also enjoy the Miitopia game. I think it's a very creative game where you can play a lot of different things in. Half way through your journey you get at an inn where you can let your Mii-personages do a lot of different things which makes them stronger. You can let them sleep in one room which makes their friendship closer. You choose who sleeps in one room and become friends. You controle the game, thats one of the things I really like about this game.

Overall I would deffinitly recommend the Nintendo 2DS XL & the Miitopia game. You can also play lots of other games so you will never get bored! 

The Nintendo 2DS XL on sale for € 149,00 and the Miitopia game is on sale for € 39,99.

I know what I will be doing with my time with all these rainy days here in the Netherlands...

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  1. Ohhh so nice! I love Nintendo so much. It holds so many childhood memories that I'm fond of. I'm really curious about Miitopia but I think I'll love it! :)