Hi loves,

Last weekend I made this amazing strawberry freakshake and I got a lot of questions about it so I thought I would write a blogpost about this delicious shake!

Some of you may know what a "freakshake" is because it is a huge trend right now. You see it everywhere, Instagram, Facebook etc. But bassicly it's a milkshake, but this one will actually bring all the boys to your yard 😋. This milkshake is topped with the most crazy things you can imagine.

If you want to know how I made my very own freakshake then keep on reading!

What you need:

- a blender
- mason jar
- vanille ice
- strawberry sirup
- strawberries
- milk
- all kinds of toppings you like. I used: Reeses, cotton candy, banana candy, chocolate, mini Twix, Hersheys chocolate and a kitkat.

How to:

So first you start of with blending the vanille ice cream with the milk, sirup and strawberries until it is drinkable. Once it is drinkable pour it in a mason jar. 

Now we can start with the toppings. I started with the cotton candy because it gives a steady base for the other products. Then I put a Kitkat on the side and I sprinkled some candy on the cotton candy. Then I topped it with a Reeses peanut butter cup and some banana candy. 

I put some chocolate (like Nutella or something) on the side of the mason jar to make the chocolate stick. Then I added my chocolate on it like mini Twix and Hersheys.

Now all you have to do is put a drinking straw in it and snap a couple of pictures of this tasty looking thing and you have your freakshake!

PS. If you make my recipe and post it somewhere just tag me (@amberkorf) because I would love to see all your freakshakes!

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