Review Jil Sander - Sun Pop

Jil Sander - Sun Pop 

Do you ever have that feeling that you get really excited by something? Like you get a little energy boost. Well I get it from the new Jil Sander Sun Pop perfume.

 So if you are curious to my opinion about this perfume, keep on reading 😉

The packaging & scent
So Jil Sander came out with a limited edition line that has three new perfumes called Sun Pop. Today I am reviewing Green Fusion for you!
Since I received this perfume I started using it everyday, the scents in this perfume are truelly amazing. Its got "fig leaf", "salt water" and "modern woodnuts". A very special combination. I think the salt water makes it a different perfume then others. So the perfume it self lasts a very long time. I put it on in the morning, I go to school do my stuff etc. And at the end of my day, arround 7 pm it still smells lovely. I also really like the color because in combination with the scents it reminds me of a sunny day at the beach.

 Do I recommend this perfume?
I would totally recommend this perfume if you love a beachy scent thats a little bit different that other perfumes. But I also recommend it if you would like to try a different perfume than you normally do.

The Jil Sander Sun Pop is available for € 35 at most perfumeries and department stores.

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