Grey sweater & green jeans

Instagram media by amberkorf - Todays cosy outfit 🤗 What do you think?

So I got this sweater on sale from H&M for just 10 euro's! I also got it in red. The jeans are also from H&M. The sweater is a off the shoulder model but when its really cold here in the Netherlands (well I think its cold because we aren't really used to this temperature) I wear the sweater a little bit above my shoulders so it gives a little bit more warmth ;)

What do you think of this outfit?

3 opmerkingen

  1. That sweater looks so cosy :)

    Rachael xx.

  2. Echt een leuke fijne trui :) En staat ook leuk op de groene broek xx

  3. Hi Amber and thanks for following my blog on Bloglovin. I follow you immediately too!! I like very much your choice. Only 10€ ?!?!?! convenient!!!!

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